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The JGD Trust, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, now owns the home site of James Glenn Donald, M.D., together with the "Donald Doctor's Office" in which Dr. Donald practiced medicine from 1854 until 1893 in rural south Alabama.  Repair and renovation work on this facility is essentially completed.  Donations from family members to help with the costs of other related projects will be greatly appreciated.

James Glenn Donald, M.D.
(born August 2, about 1829; died June 5, 1893)

James Glenn Donald was born in South Carolina, but he grew up in Alabama.  Whenever he journeyed back East, and later when he attended medical school in New Orleans, he traveled on the Old Federal Road (established by Andrew Jackson in 1812) which he reached from his home at Marion Junction by traveling through Mt. Moriah, Monterey and Forest Home in the northwestern corner of Butler County, Alabama.  He ultimately settled in Monterey.  Click here for an 1823 map showing the Old Federal Road and the then future locations of Monterey and Marion Junction.

Click here for a history of Dr. Donald.    Click here for a history of Monterey.    Click here for a map of Monterey circa 1885.

The first project of the JGD Trust has been to repair and renovate the Donald Doctor's Office in Monterey, pictured below.  Ideas and other help from extended-family members are needed and have been greatly appreciated.  All descendants of James Glenn Donald (and others with related interests in the Monterey and Mount Moriah area) who want to participate in the activities of the JGD Trust are encouraged to contact Don Donald, President, for further information.  Click here for a message from Don Donald.

This shows the condition of the site during August of 2011.


DIRECTIONS:  Monterey is located south of Montgomery via I-65 and west of Greenville via SR-10 (Pine Apple Highway), between Forest Home and Pine Apple on CR-7 (Monterey Road).  Click here for a map of the general areaClick here for a closer mapClick here for the closest map.


Eugenia Steen and James Donald were of the same ages as Scarlet O'Hara and Rhett Butler
and were married in 1866 shortly after the end of the Civil War.



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